The School

“Smile, you’re entering your School!”

Jardim de Infância D. José da Costa Nunes is a private educational institution, under management of APIM-Associação Promotora da Instrução dos Macaenses.

Our primary objective is to promote portuguese language and culture in the special administrative region of Macau, since December 20th 1999.
This is accomplished through the approval and execution of cultural and educational projects, and is only achieved with the participation and commitment of all educational actors.

Kindergarten D. José da Costa Nunes is a school designed and conceived to provide a space of quality and excellence at all levels, for children from 2  to 6 years of age.

The main teaching language is Portuguese. Mandarin, English and Cantonese are taught as foreign languages.

The integration of the child that requires special educational attention, through an adequate monitoring and an individual program.

Built in an innovative way, our school was thought and organized according to the interests and needs of children, valuing and respecting their individuality.

Knowing development and learning proceed at varying rates from child to child, and result from a dynamic and continuous interaction of biological maturation and experience our teaching program is geared to increase early experiences influenced by multiple social and cul­tural contexts.

Play is very important at these ages and a very effective way to pro­mote language, cognition, and social competence. Children have opportunity to play every day.

We invest in all kinds of resources that promote stimulating learning environments.

We have a team of motivated and skilled professionals engaged in the important and rewarding task of educating in close connection with the families and the community.